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Vermicomposting is a method of composting that uses the worms’ natural talents to break down food waste fast and odor-free. You can easily transform your garden into an organic healthy place to grow fruits and veggies. By using worm castings, beneficial insects, & beneficial microorganism. We can get rid of all pests in our gardens without chemicals.

Vermicomposting is a fun & easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.
Then there is the added benefit of having the most beautiful garden on your block.
The fertilizer that the worms make is called, Castings.
According to the US Department of agriculture, Worm Castings are the best fertilizer you can get.
Plants grown in worm castings have larger leaves, stronger stems, and more root volume.

For the past few years, Lara Laskay, owner of Urban Worms, has been traveling the world teaching people about vermicomposting & organic gardening!

You dont need a yard to have a beautiful, organic garden. all you need is a few pots, good soil and a patch of sun.

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  Vermicomposting Workshops

                Horticultural Societies,
                Trade Shows,
                Childrens' groups for all ages

A fun and comprehensive demonstration showing all the basics of vermicomposting:
* Why worms? * How to start a worm bin in your home, school, or office * Feeding your bin * Harvesting your Castings * Troubleshooting your bin * How to use your Castings * Worm Tea, making it & using it * How & when to use beneficial insects in your garden
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Funding Info
Are you looking for some financial assistance in order to book your workshop?
Try one of the following organizations that are helping our schools and communities:

Captain Planet
Honda Foundation
Annie's Grants for Gardens
Walmart & Sam's Club Giving Programs
Toyota Grants for Science Teachers
ING Unsung Heroes

If you know of any more grants, please let us know so we can add them.

Adopt-A-Worm Bin
Are you a Parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or Community Member? Interested in enhancing the learning environment at a local school?
Our Adopt-a-Worm Bin Program may be the opportunity you are searching for. Many people realize the educational value of having worms in the class and have asked us how they can help make Vermicomposting part of their child's educational program.
The Adopt-a-Worm Bin Program allows concerned Parents or Guardians to sponsor a Worm Composter or Worm-Workshop.

Contact us today to find out more about this responsible and rewarding program. (818) 506-1284